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Vincent was established as a automotive panel shop in 1978 with a staff of just 2.

Today there is a staff of 24, and a state of the art 2000sq metre workshop. We have grown to include windscreen repair and replacements, autopaint, upholstery, and a sign shop. In the yard we even have a helipad for the numerous helicopters the company refurbishes.

Today Vincent has become synonymous the repair and refurbishment of all types of vehicles ranging from cars to aircraft and boats. Today we have become a ‘one stop shop’ for vehicle repairs, this is why we adopted the ‘Can Do’ byline, and reflects the variety of expertise we can call on inhouse to achieve anything to the highest standard. Over the years we have repaired and restored 1000’s of cars, painted over 100 helicopters, repaired and refurbished 100’s of jetboats (if you have ever seen a Shotover Jet boat, you were looking at our work). We rebuild classic cars, take care of truck fleets, we put Italian leather upholstery into helicopters on a regular basis.

Our mission statement says it all, ‘Fleet Presence’, we work hard to give your vehicle fleet a superior presence.



Peter Green

Peter Green

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Albie Robertson




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Vincent Holdings Ltd in Alexandra, is one of New Zealand’s most comprehensive and diversified automotive repair and refurbishment businesses.

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Vincent Holdings Ltd
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